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Prisoner of Love's Embrace, 2023, 36"x36", 6,000 Screws

Prisoner of Love's Embrace, 2023, 36"x36", 6,000 Screws

At the heart of this composition stands a woman, her form draped in chains adorned with pristine white flowers. Each petal tells a tale of longing, of a love that entwines and binds, yet eludes grasp. The ethereal blossoms, symbols of purity and beauty, contrast against the stark reality of the restraining chains, creating a visual paradox that mirrors the intricacies of desire.


The chains, both fragile and unyielding, speak of the paradoxical nature of love — a force that simultaneously liberates and confines. They encircle her like echoes of solitude, tangible reminders of a connection that defies the boundaries of the tangible world. The woman's expression reveals a complex dance of emotions — a blend of yearning, acceptance, and the quiet strength that arises from embracing the vulnerability of desire. 

As the viewer gazes upon this captive soul, they are invited to navigate the maze of emotions within themselves. "Prisoner of Love's Embrace" is an invitation to reflect on the chains we willingly wear, the flowers we nurture in the garden of our hearts, and the profound beauty found in the intricate dance between longing and liberation. It is a visual poem that echoes the universal human experience of being captivated by the enigmatic force of love. 

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