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I'm on the forefront of a new style of multimedia paintings I refer to as sculptured paintings. It's a unique mix of modern impressionism, pointillism, and perceptual art. My life's mission is to infuse the world with the vibrancy of art, encouraging others to explore, feel, and find meaning in the rich tapestry of existence.

Sculptured Paintings

I refer to my own unique style of painting as sculptured paintings. Each painting is done with thousands of screws which are uniquely placed at the right position and spatial depth bringing to life the painting in three-dimension.  I have spent several years developing and perfecting this sculptured painting technique. Each painting conveys a sense of realism and movement. 

Featured Work


24 Marie Fine Art Gallery was founded by Gavin, born from a profound desire to establish a space that authentically represents the richness and diversity of black art. Recognizing the underrepresentation of black artists in the art world, Gavin envisioned 24 Marie as a platform to showcase the unique perspectives, narratives, and creativity within the black artistic community. Named after a significant address, the gallery aims to go beyond traditional boundaries, fostering a space where artists and enthusiasts alike can explore and appreciate the profound beauty inherent in black contemporary art. Committed to creating an inclusive environment, 24 Marie is not just a gallery; it's a vibrant hub for cultural expression, a testament to the power of art to connect, inspire, and elevate communities.

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